I'll spill my heart for you... (sexiety) wrote,
I'll spill my heart for you...

' tell me that its over, and il be the first to go...'

so.. its over?
i never posted on here when it began...
well he cheated on me and thats that...
i dont know how im meant to feel, it just hurts.. i never thought itd happen to me.
and the worst thing is i saw it all coming but never did anything..
i remember sayin that i needed a reason to break up with him.. and i spose i got it?
i wish it didnt end the way it did, i never thought id be cheated on, and i never thought hed do it to me.. i spose thats jus whats bitten me in the arse hardcore.
i wish i didnt feel..
it sucks how i decided to take a chance for once and it all just backfires on me..
i know what iw as like before this.. i never had feelings for anyone. i never let myself.. and for this to happen.. arghhh.
it just fuckin pisses me off.
ive never felt so stupid, its like everyone but me knew what was going on, and theyre all just sittin there thinkin.. fuck little does that girl know but her bfs cheating on her..
i dont know what i feel.. i really dont know how to react, im just all shocked that he actually did that, and more than once?
fuck i feel like a dick head.
gosh talk about feeling insecure about urself.
there goes myself esteem.. man the way i see it for anyone to be cheated on they must have really thought the relationship they were in was shit house.
well thats OHKAY lol i spose hayley fuckin did jinx me with my relationships..
welp ladies and gentlemen heres the first shit relationship, tune in for the next couple of hundred yet to come.
i fucking hate boys.
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