I'll spill my heart for you... (sexiety) wrote,
I'll spill my heart for you...

late night rant

so the other day.. i went to one of those pawn stores.. u know those second hand dealer things.. i have this mobile that i bought off a friend for 300.. he works for three.. but got it in a dodgy way and was selling them.. so im like meeeeh i need a new phone i can move to three..
so i did.. but three was just to expensive.. so obviously NO DICE
ANYWAY so i got off three went to voda blah blah so i have this pretty good fone lying around so i decided to cash it in... may aswell still brand new.. so i go in the guy asks me where i got the fone etc etc and im lyk oh i bought it off a friend.. and he goes is it stolen?
and im lyk.. no.. obviously it was.. but it just never clicked anyway hes like do u trust ur friend and im lyk.. yess???
anyway what happend was that if the fone i cashed in was stolen and a company had reported that fone stolen they can trace it back to me press charges for theft.. even tho i didnt steal it.. anyway so really what happend being the stupid idiot i am i cashed it in... so now... if my entired are from within a jail you'll all know why.
abslute bullshit if u ask me.
i went to the rsl tonight.. pretty okay.
lost 10 buks on the pokies.. im just havin no luck at all with those things anymore.
but whatever.

im tired.

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