I'll spill my heart for you... (sexiety) wrote,
I'll spill my heart for you...


well.. it deffinately has been a while since my last decent update.
my life since then you ask?
well you see... i am in a great relationship with an amazing boy whos helped me so much. i love him with all my heart and i dont think i could be any happier.
I'm currently doing interior design at CATC which is awesome. i actually dont hate my teachers which is a massive first i normally hate them all cause theyre frustrating moles.
family life as usual has never been normal. still as crazy as ever.
3 new people added to the crappy group.
in all honesty.. i dont think ive warmed up to them. dont think i will either.
i dont like the boy. i hate him in fact.
like... hate.
id compare it with my great dislike for vegetables.
thats how much i hate him.
i think hes disgusting. and makes me feel disgusting.
i hate how my parents just pretend that nothings happend when alot has.
they play the well known game of happy families.
and i as usual have the lead roll of being the biggest pretender.
so everything is pretty peachy apart from the family.
i love my mum.
just hate how shes so weak.
i need a new job.
i think that plays a major part to some of my daily worrys. money.. but i actually need money for college its pretty expensive.. and mums stuggling with money atm too.
she needs a new job..
the my dads kids.. those 3 additions to the family. god. i dont mind the two girls just hate the boy.
i want to kill hiim sometimes he just annoys him.his mere presence makes me want to vomit.
i hate him i really do.
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