I'll spill my heart for you... (sexiety) wrote,
I'll spill my heart for you...

" and i wouldve stayed up with you all night..."

How to save a life - The fray..

song im most obsessed with atm.
welity welity.. whats new?
i dno.. half yearlys are round the corner and can u believe ive been sum what studying!
i kno its amazing!
hmmm my love life. maybe i should update on that since al past journal entries seem to revolve around that.
WELL.. i dno about my love life.. its confusing.. interestingly confusing.
wont go into it coz id be here forever trying to explain how everythings works and how i met this person etc etc.
maybe another time. lol
team vag.. my friends are beautiful.. although sum things arent working out with certain ppl..
and i think we both feel the same on the issue.
i spose weve just changed too much for things to be the way they were.
we grew up.. apart form each other and sum things we can no longer share because weve experienced it at a different rate to the other.
maybe we need the sepereation to find ourselves again.. just like what happend with hayley and lawson.. ooh gtg finish this later.
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