I'll spill my heart for you... (sexiety) wrote,
I'll spill my heart for you...

' maybe I'm more clever than a girl like her...'

white house's -Vanessa Carlton

heaps awesome song =)
well.. I'm currently ar work and am bored out of my brains.
I have nothing to do, well actually I do.. i have homework, but updating my livejournal seemed some what more enticing than doing maths.
i want year 12 to be over.. ALL OVER then i can.. well i dont know yet, but i wont be at school. lol
I full couldnt sleep last night, you know how your mind is just going 1000000km/ph well mine was, and i couldnt make sense of something that you just really can't make sense of anyway.
It's hard to post things on here now, i remember i stopped because it got so contraversial.
but then again gettin comments from random ppl who also use livejournal kinda helps, i mean they give you the 'livejournal' support.
your basically all on livejournal to rant about sumthing, and livejournal so happens to be the safest place in a way to just let ur mind spread itself out.. if that makes any sense at all.
livejournal.. a place for very very bored people. lol
ohkay so a place for someone like me whos too lazy to write in a journal :p
i guess you can never be completely honest in your journal because you'll always be afraid that someone will stumble across it.
oh wel..
my back hurts lol
arghhh you know what frustrates me?
having to say sorry when you know you really arent.
and then the other person thinks that you've said sorry because THEYRE IN THE RIGHT.
bite my arse they are.
i hate that, it makes you feel like the weaker person.. i spose i am because im just not bothered to fight and theres really only ever been ONE person that ive been able to hold a grudge against for ages.
but anyway...
oh and yeah.. last night a friend was almost in tears because this guy she liked
was hooking up with one of her friends.
technically theres nothing wrong right?
but i was thinking about it.. where are the morals there?
shes ur friend and u hook up witht he guy she had a thing for..
its just like having an ex and screwing round with them...
itsnt like some kind of friendship rule.. to NOT do that?
as it is with bfs?
like friends are always off limits for bfs and for friends ex's are off limits??
but then as much as its not right.. and we were to bring the whole topic of 'love' into this then what happens if you were 'inlove' with your friends ex.. or ex's friend????
what happens then.. chicks b4 dicks right. but like.. LOVE god damnit!
I guess il put it down to.. if its meant to be its meant to be and ul find a way around it all.
but friends are forever..
so yeah.
meh im hungry im off.

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