I'll spill my heart for you... (sexiety) wrote,
I'll spill my heart for you...

Kobe =)

I remember when i first saw kobe, i was soooo excited, i knew she had a slight heart murmur, but didnt want to tell my dad otherwise he wouldnt agree to takin her..
she seemed perfect in every way... i wanted a golden retriever and i found one on the net that didnt require me to drive 100000000km our of sydney to get the dog i wanted..
kobe, was infact in penrith.. the last one left, and the lady gave her to me free because shehad a slight heart murmur but i was reassured nevertheless that it wouldnt affect who she was.
SO i got her=)
we shared some what similar birthdays..
I think we needed her more than she needed us... it didnt bring us as a family closer together, but kobe was somethin we all had in common..
each of us had a different connection with her.. for my brother as he put it.. she was infact his best friend.
as stupid as it sounds with me... i felt like she was the only person that couldnt judge me, talk back, criticse back stab or hurt me emotionally.. physically yes :p
yes.. she a dog.. she cant talk.. but if ur that attached to a pet.. as i was.. u begin to personifize them..
Now that Kobe is gone... it feels like i have actually lost a best friend.
a human being.
Dogs really are a mans best friend.. but ur relationship with ur pet can become so strong that to you they do become a person.
I regret slacking off with taking care of her, and i guess that only shows that you shouldnt take things for granted.. i was the only one who knew that kobe would infact die earlier than what would be expected of her.. yet i took the time i had with her for granted.
but she had her own personality... she was beautiful in everyway possible, and i miss that already... the one perosn who would smile at you after a bad day.. someone you could hug after uve been crying, the only person i could ever show any affection to and actually admit to loving her with all my heart.
but to me she became a person.
She died early this morning after i got home from dancing, as if she was waiting for me to come home before she could leave.
i miss her.
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