I'll spill my heart for you... (sexiety) wrote,
I'll spill my heart for you...

OMG. todae.. last night ARGH
WELLL firstly.. my computer blew up :p
actually it short circuted itself.. how i have no idea? MEH
yea soo.. there i was last night kickin the shit out of it thinkin GREAT perfect timing.. one week till my assignments due.. havin an important convo on msn GREAT THANX REALI THANKU! :p
anyway. it then hit me.. my whole life is on this computer.. and i mean that quite literally.. my fotos.. moosic EVERYTHING, its so depressing.
so yea.. i decided a night without my computer was more then torture.. it was excruciatingly difficult to not think about my computer so i made up my mind and said id take the next day off skool to fix my comp.. wel not me fix my comp.. i mean sumone else who knows wat theyre doing.
so thats wat i did todae.. i was gona go parra.. but i mean catchin a bus with ur computer sittin next to u. HA right. no one will notice??
and then id have to walk around lookin for one of thse azn shops that fix comps..
so i screwed that idea right over and got the good old yellow pages out.. thankgod it was the A-L part coz our yellow pages always go missin..
anyway i looked up computer and found that dude fixed computers in toonie..
so i walked over to toonie from pendo with my comp.. prob looked pretty idiotic aswel but meh.. so yea. he fixed it up.. and ti set me back 80 buks.. grr stupid piece of shit.
guess it was good for the excercise but i swear this isnt my week.
my fones fuked. my comp blew up.
AND THEN wen i went to pay for watever he did to it.. i realised i left my card at home.. SO
i went allll the way back home.. got my card.. AND REALISED HAY i can catch a bus down there.
YEAH heaps smart shel. why didnt u think of it earlier??
so i take a guess at wat time the bus might come.. and jus as i walk out the door.. i miss it.
brilliant. well done rachelle excellent work :):)
SO itd take another half hourfor another bus to come down and go to toonie.. i decided to walk it agen.. so im walkin..
i finally arrive..
pay for my comp.
get my comp
and sit down and wait for the bus.
AND that was my highly eventful day.
NOT TO MENTION the whole time i was walking my trackies were jus falling down so i was flashin the whole damn world my lovely polka dotted undies :p im sure everyone enjoyed it :)
welll then i got home.. cleaned up my comp table set it up and im back on agen :):)
im so happy.. and so relaxed now :):)
but then i got sick of the computer and went out and took pics..
fotos are funn.. :):):)
oh welp. thats the end of my day
im still half way through cleaning my room :p
i reall should get back to it and then attempt my assignments yet agen. and maybe save them this time.
imma outties.

love love.

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