I'll spill my heart for you... (sexiety) wrote,
I'll spill my heart for you...

sOoooo the long weekends over.. and what did i get up to??
sweet fuck all.. trust me to NOT plan my weekend *sighs*
wel.. saturday night i did watch the omen with jenny.. but thats about it??
im soo bored so i thought id update..
hmm.. OMG my dog is wearing clothes!?!?? lmao.. its soo cute.. i shall post a pic up soonish..
wen i get one and wen im bothered :p
todae i had work.. *sighs* i hate work.. i wanna leave.. who the hell stays in the same job for two years?? SERIOUSLY.
my fingers are so frozen atm.
wait.. i lied.. i love work.. wel i loved it todae.. i guess u can say we were all guilty of loitering. lolz
yea wel we were basically do nothing.. coz it wasnt busy?? and we were bitching about everyone else. haha sum things never change :P
OMG alex came in todae.. i got soo excited and jumped on her. ahemz.. so not professional but MEH i missed that gurly.. she goes to the same bloody skool as me and i jus miss her??
i dnt kno how its possible..
anyhooo i old her about *cough* hehe couldnt wipe the massive grin off my face.. lmao so sad.
then she asked me about *cough cough* aka tall dude.. lolz tall dude.. man hes such a bastard.. im happy to say im completely over him and havent thought about him until todae wen she brought him up.
meh i guess i better get sum skool work done.. seeing as ive done absolutely nothing..

anyhoo imma outties.
love love

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