I'll spill my heart for you... (sexiety) wrote,
I'll spill my heart for you...

Most of you would know every little thing about me.
What i like, what i dont like..
what i want to do in the future
what my fave colour is
and who my family is...
surprise surprise.. i have 3 other step siblings coming to live with me

i dont kno how i feel about it really.. it feels like my dads asking me to change who i am to be a role model.. to be perfect so that they can grow up perfect.
i hate being told to change, i feel so.. i dont know how the hell i feel.. i jus feel lyk i cant be me.
it took me how long to decide who i wanted to be, and to be told that u cant be that person burns me.
i dnt think im making any sense.
im just so sick of change, so sick of having to adapt to things.
i dont know anymore, ive lost all motivation to TRY to do anything, i dont know what i want to do, i just want to get out.. i dont want to have to deal with all this.. i dont want to be coming home everyday feeling so drained.
i want to get out.. i wish i could get out.
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